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Whole House Generators

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Electrician working in a residential electrical system

New Construction

Residential Services

Did you just buy a new

Electrical Vehicle?? Let us help

you get set up to charge

your vehicle from your

own home! It takes less than

eight hours to get a full charge...

so easy to plug in while you

are sleeping & wake up to a


Building a house? With the

help of Priority One Electric,

we can get 100% of the

electrical done. From the

estimate, to rough inspection

to finishing touches, we'll

be with you every step

of the way.

Not only do we do the big

things, but we also prioritize

the little things. Need a

ceiling fan installed? Done.

Need a panel upgrade?

Done. Need to change out

that dryer plug? Done. We

take pride in making you

a priority.

The next big storm is coming...

Are you ready?! Here at Priority

One Electric, we take pride in knowing

we are one of the few companies that

will give you up front generator prices.

We will need to come out and help you

determine which size Is the best fit... but at

least you have a rough estimate!

Generator Services


7.5KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $5,700

10KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $6,600

14KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $8,650

18KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $9,800

22KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $10,400

24KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $ 10,800

26KW with Automatic Transfer Switch - $12,000

Construction Workers

We complete our services with a personal touch.

From dreams to consult to reality-

Priority One Electric is here to help

As a small, family owned and Christian company, we really pride ourselves in the relationships that we create. You will never be "just another client". We want to get to know YOU and help you choose the right services that fit all your needs. Our professional team is always just a phone call away to answer any and all questions you may have, chat about coming projects and get you scheduled for a FREE consultation.

"Let there be light..."

-Genesis 1:3

About Us

Dreams turned into goals. Goals turned into reality. Aaron Heistand has always dreamed of owning a business. After working as an electrician for nearly ten years, he decided to turn that dream into a reality. In December of 2022, with little to no experience in anything business related, we decided "why not?".

As a small, family owned business, we really take pride in our mission, which is making YOU a priority.

Our Team

Aaron Heistand

Master Electrician

Electrical Contractor

Savanna Heistand

Office Manager


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Phone: 810-358-7663

Email: priorityoneelectricllc@gmail.com

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